I am a medical doctor and it is a pity that this technique is not recommended more often. Before moving to Cambridge I took AT lessons for about 1 year, and it was the only therapy which provided instant and long-term relief for my chronic lower back pain.  Then I had a car accident which resulted in the rupture of a vertebral disc which needed surgery.  AT has been the most helpful of all post surgery rehabilitation (including physiotherapy, swimming etc).  Furthermore, by learning to use correct musles while walking, sitting etc one is not so exhausted all the time.

Since moving to Cambridge I have been under Liz's care and I recommend her highly.


Dr N. Stefanos


I started Alexander Technique lessons, two months before graduating, having recently been diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome. I suffered from hand and back pain, as well as having terrible posture.

Liz showed me how much unnecessary tension I was holding in my body and, despite the short time available before I left Cambridge, has helped me to improve my posture significantly. The lessons helped me to feel so much more relaxed in my exams this year and have helped me to combat my pain.

Liz has been a great teacher: friendly, helpful and encouraging. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone contemplating Alexander Technique.


A.R. Thompson, Emmanuel College


I have suffered from lower back pain for three years and physiotherapy, choropractic and Pilates were of little help.  A consultant at the Addenbrookes Back Pain Clinic suggested that Alexander Technique might be useful.  My sessions with Liz have highlighted bad habits aquired over the years and shown me how to move more effectively.  My back pain has reduced dramatically.
Ruth Roach, Cambridge

 I asked for an appointment in sheer desperation after a really agonizing spell of lower back pain and, in just 3 lessons I have learned techniques that have proved very beneficial. It may take a while to change long standing habits but the release of tension, and teaching about posture and movement have been wonderfully helpful and Liz is welcoming, friendly and understanding. In the event of another episode of back pain, I know how to help myself and would also feel I could phone her for more help if needed.  I’m so glad I went, it was money very well spent. Many thanks for your help, Liz.


Jean Simmonds, Cambridge



I decided to try Alexander Therapy after suffering from upper back, shoulder and neck pain for years. I'll admit that I wasn't convinced when I started, but AT had been recommended by a colleague and I was willing to try anything to relieve my symptoms. After four sessions, I can confidently say that AT is not only alleviating my back pain considerably, but is also helping me to correct the postural problems which brought it about in the first place.

AT is not a magic bullet and requires work on the patient's part - and for me, this is what sets it apart from other approaches such as physiotherapy, which manage of symptoms rather than tackling the root cause. If your quality of life is impaired by chronic back pain, AT is a commitment worth making. It's a small time and cost investment for a life free from pain.

Liz is a great therapist - relaxed, friendly, and flexible with appointments. I can't recommend her highly enough.

 Jamie Goodland, Cambridge


I floated out of the lessons with Liz.  I no longer suffer with lower back pain, and if I do I know what to do to stop it.


Barbara Wibbelman, Cambridge



When I drove to Cambridge for first lesson, my back hurt so much that I nearly decided to take the train.  I felt much better after the first couple of  lessons,  and am so grateful for this relief which has continued.


Mary Proudlock, Stamford

I've found that Liz's sessions don't end after the hour is up.  Now, whenever I feel tense, "let your neck be free" pops into my head and I remember to relax!  Liz has helped me to feel the benefits of Alexander Technique every single day and I am a healthier, more productive and happier person for it.

Cassian Barraclough, London